the expunged refuse of my evil mind
2002-04-21 15:26:39 (UTC)

cant stand it

this is gettting to be too much. i cant stand living here,
without morgan. i need her so much. i dunno. im
getting into fights with my parents too much now. my
dad yells at me for no reason. he says i dont clean up
behind myslef good enough. he said that i dont ttreat
him like my father, that im just sucking his money. what
the fuck. as soon as i take money from him, which i did
out of necesity, ( i diddnt even ask him) he yells at me
for doing nothing for the money he gives me. i hate him.
i want him to just drop dead of a heart attack or
something. hes such a fucking bigot. he thinks being
gay is disgusting, well suprise, morgans bi. i wonder
what he would think of that. he would probably never let
me see her again. that ass. he makes me feel so
trapped and stuck here. i cant live like this much longer.
god damn. not a good week for me. morgans parents
bein bitchy. my parents being bitchy. layne staley
dieing. fuck. i should go off myself. but whenever i think
of that. i think ofmorgan. i could never do that to her, or
to any of my friends. i just have a year and a half left to
go. maybey less if i play my cards right. no offing myself
till i have nothing left.