Mysterious Attitude
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2002-04-21 15:13:40 (UTC)

Sunday April 21,2002

*Time: 9:59 a.m.
*Wearing: My "Don't good morning me!" night shirt and my
old Scott Middle School gym shorts
*Jewelry: tha usual ( the bracelet Amanda gave me broke
last night but I fixed it with a lil clip thingy)
*Hair: up in a bun
*Listenin to : me typing and about to listen to mp3s
*Eating/Drinkin: nutting
*Last Ate: nothing
*Last Drank: nothing I just got up
*Song of the day : Hey Luv- Mobb Deep ft. 112
*Weather: Cold and cloudy
*Talking to : John
*Mood: magenta
*Thinking: Eh... I'm pissed at John cuz of his away message
and why in the hell won't my Giga pet Doggie Adrian won't
stop beeping lol
*Later: go ot the mall with Adrian, my mom, and Erica; take
care of my giga pet, do homework, call John, and write John
*Money Count: 0
*Last Said: "What the hell did u do now?"- I was talking to
my giga pet he pooped and was beeping and barking
*Watching: my IM with John, the screen, and my giga pet
*Project: My giga pet!
*Countdown: a few more days till Adrian's b-day

~*~*MY GIGA PET~*~*

Hey wudd up?? lol Not much here just got up. My ass would
still be sleeping, but I had my giga pet on the dresser
next to my head, and he was beeping and stuff. Last night I
digged out all my old giga pets and the dog was the only
one that really worked and the one I could open easily. The
case of it is see thru purple, with green buttons, lil
yellow bones, pink designs, and in yellow writing it
says "Digital Doggie" on the top, and "Giga pets" on the
side. Here is his stats: name: Adrian score:87 food: 97
displine: 96 sum sign I dunno what it is: 69 happiness: 88
He's 121 ibs and 1 year old. Eh, ok enough about that.

~*~*MY CD PLAYER~*~*

I didn't write in here and say that I broke my cd player
did I? My big one 2!! My 300 disk, 3,300 dollar system, my
lil baby! I got pissed at it cuz the main eye is dirty so
it makes ALL my cds skip and shit, well I hit the lil baby
blue cover thats on the door that opens. On Friday the
piece fianally fell thru. It goes back on but I can't see
how to do it. Uncle Bear told me to superglue it back on,
which would work but I'm afraid I will mess it up. So,I
dunno, it looks shitty without that piece tho!

~*~*JOHN(tha one I met thru Leah)~*~*

Well, I talked to John last night and he told me that he sent out my
letter along with sum dirty pictures. lol What fun huh? Today when I
got on he was on also but had his away message on... here is what it
said "Hey going out with Liz to lunch, she's soo hot I think I'm
gonna bone her." Grrr, not a good thing for me to see when I first
wake up. Considering I'm already grouchy and shit. He said it wasn't
meant for me, that sum other gurl wouldn't leave him alone, but yea
whatever buddy. He's a player I suppose, its all good tho cuz u all
know that I am 2!


I IMed Ryan last night just to see how he is doing and to tell him
that I might be moving next to him. Which was a bad idea! He asked me
if I was single, and that he still loves me all all this other
horse's dukie! I told him about Justin and myself, and when Erica
paged me I called her back, told her I would call her back, then got
online again, told Ryan to sign off, and then called Erica and him
back. I tell you all he wanted to do was have phone sex! I didn't
feel like doing it, so he was like can we just go back online and
talk? I was like nah and I ended up hanging up on his ass. lol =-Þ
I'm mean like that!


I forgot that yesterday was 420. 420 is the day where all the weed
smokers get high all day long and I guess celebrate. George told me
that it was 420, cuz I had totally forgot. Lol Andria told me what it
was sumtime last year. Eh, I hope that all the weed smokers had a mad
fun day yesterday!! :)


On Friday he called me at midnight. We talked for a lil bit, started
to have phone sex, then he stopped me. We got into a fight which he
hung on me, then paged me wit 666. Well, I called him back told him
not to page me with that anymore and then hung up on him. But he kept
calling back, and I kept hanging up. The last time he called we
talked for a lil bit and he was like can we just talk tomorrow? I was
like yep bye. lol
On Saturday(last night) he called me at 12:30 a.m., we didn't talk
long cuz he was really tired. I guess he was smoking weed all day and
shit. So, after talking to him for about 10 minutes he let me go.


Eh, I still have this damn ass freaking cold!! My nose is still
running! :( I wish it would go away!


Amanda was online last night and I talked to her for a few minutes.
I asked her why she sent me an email asking me if I wanted to break
up with her. She said cuz I was hooked on sumone else; Justin. I told
her that I didn't want to, cuz I still like her even tho I like

~*~*ABOUT ALL~*~*

I guess that is about all, besides I got sum food now! French
sticks!! lol and my Giga pet is callin me so buh bye