Lenore the fool

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2002-04-21 15:06:01 (UTC)

A new Day

I'm feeling better. About myself and life, that's probably
because I didn't talk to my boyfriend last night and that I
don't feel tied downn. Probably also because I'm not at
school surounded by the beatuiful people. But it's mostly
because of my new found sense of hope. I know I said I'd
forget about him..the one...in my mind right now, but...that
didn't work. Just the mere thought of him makes me happy. I
suddenly will feel like I have something t offer the world,
that I am attractive, that people want to look at me and want
to know me. I have fun I feel warm inside. I feel like
there might be a chance and how blissful it would be to
actually get that kiss. To see that look in his eyes just
see him smile. To just melt into his eyes.
Sometimes I worry. That because I'm leaving soon I
won't have a chance. But then I remember that I'm here for
the summer. There's enough time to grow close and want to
stay together and I can come and visit pretty easily. He can
prolly visit me easily too. Hoping for a future that will
never happen but who cause it doesn't matter. Because if
just the thought of him gives me hope and keep me happy what
is so wrong with that. It keeps me here right?

Isn't it amazing
how just one person
can turn your life
upside down,

And they don't even know.