Steva's Life
2002-04-21 15:04:36 (UTC)

Day by day

Ok, well I bring a bunch of stuff back for the cast of
rent and other shows becuase i know some of some of the
people in the cast's, So i take out the presants on mom's
bed. So then i go back for them and there gone, I'm
guessing she probly took it as she thew them away.
Also i had a bunch of notes that i had, they had some
people's numbers and addresses and stuff, Well guess
what! They're gone! and there's no way i can get them back.
I spent about a hundred dollors for the casts, and now
all those stuff ARE GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wanted to do rent today but since i'm brought down by
mom loseing all of those things i'm not up to doing it.
And i wanted to take them there presants...

The one thing that i'm really getting excited about is
seeing jeff on wed. night.
I'm seeing mamma mia tomorrow night... i hope its better
then what i've been hearing.. i've been told its terrable.
So who know's. then i'm seeing Noises off for the 3rd
time " i saw it twice in london and it was amazing" i just
don't see patty lupone in it. Its really scary, she's
like 90 or somthing? So it should be an interesting

another great thing is jeff gets to finally see daphne's
gig, So he's getting really excited,

I'm still worrying about him making it to his flight on
time becuase i just have that deep feeling that he's not
going to so who knows. i know he will but i just feel he
won't i don't know why i feel this way its terrable. I'm
sorry i'm blabing so much its one of those days when you
just have to sit down and do it. So Guess what I just went
ahad and did it.

I was also upset becuase i had invited a friend of mine to
come to dinner with the family last night and she said she
was going to find out about somthing and then she did find
out and then told me she was going to stay down at school
and go to the thing, So i was upset and didn't take it
well but then i finally got over it and I wondered what i
was feeling, So i felt stuped. And i want to do somthing
with her today but i don't think she'll have time.... so
it'll be fine...

Well i'm gonna go break, I'll be back later.

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