Pure Belligerence
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2001-05-29 02:34:22 (UTC)

*So many ex-best friends, i dont know what to do!*

Oh my god!!!! guess who i just got an email from?
CHRISTEN!!! why is this a big deal? I havent talked to her
for a year and a half ever since she went of vacation with
me. I really was horrible to her. I feel so bad, i still
really do. I have known her and been best friends with her
ever since i was 2 years old!!! I dont think we're best
friends anymore (1 and a half years is a loooong time) but
this make me sooo friggen happy. Also, i guess this is
just a day for non friends because whytne was talking to me
on the phone again today and even though she feels the need
to tell me about everything shes done with different guys
since we stopped being friends (she didnt do this when we
were friends, i guess she thinks she has something to
prove?) im still happy to hear from her.