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2002-04-21 12:51:59 (UTC)

How to reject a guy with style:

I was watching this Polish soap opera with my mom. There's
this girl there that's really cool and simple. This guy she
works for (somewhat) asked her to dinner, this is similar
to what their convo went like:

HE: Maybe you'd like to catch a small lunch with me.

SHE: Why a small one? (looking underestimated)

HE: Well we could get a larger one too, but I don't think
you would eat all that much anyway.
(She's slim)
SHE: Oh but I would. One time I went with this one guy to a
restaurant and ended up ordering 1/2 of the things on the
menu. Poor guy didn't know I could eat that much.

HE: Really. (looking doubtful)

SHE: I felt guilty when the check came. (he's looking as
though he'd automatically change his mind,)

HE: Maybe some other time then.

SHE: Well yes, maybe some other time (she leaves)

I gotta use that one of these days. I doubt I'm as good an
actress to play off looing as though I really did feel
guilty and such. The guy probobaly wouldn't back down
still. You gotta find one that has trouble parting with his
cash like the one she was talking to. LOL. Funny stuff.