g ir l nex t d o or

Fire Lillies H2O
2002-04-21 09:23:59 (UTC)

fuck yea

okay, so I swore way too much today. Lord, I have a potty
mouth, and I know that its highly unattractive, but I
really don't care most of the time. I care in the moment,
and I think that it must look awful, but I won't pretend
that I don't do it. lordy!

I hung out with his friends finally. I was so tired, and my
nerves were raw from stupidity. I mean I wanted to tell
them leave the man alone, while laughing at the jokes, and
at the same time simply abolishing them for their own shit.

I need to talk to my dad and bro tomorrow.

I should be able to catch up on alot of sleep this up
coming week because the bf is heading home. I will some
sense feel relieved which is great. I have just felt the
need to milk it this week. Plus then in the overall scheme
of things, I mean does this continue on after seperation? I
am at a lost of how this works. I really am having a hard
time seeing how this will all work.

I must go now to toss it about in the noggin', and discover
a path, I think.