sheesh ya fuck
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2002-04-21 08:51:12 (UTC)

curling iron rot shakedown

the clock is straying i am dreaming this will sleep along
side the clouds just want to sleep forever next to this
wish me through the second slip up i sink under this sky
isolated in my womb tangled in the furthest step im not
coming home its late now the birds dont hesitate to bathe
your senses as for now it will burden us a lifetime to
shovel the coal back and sweep the chimmney dust under the
rugs im not sorry i fell too many shattered falls to burn
resentful orange im discolored to a taste flip me up for
another chase shadowy figures run past me through my soul
trample me down.shut down. sunday morning stare down i
dont want to fake my words through crucifixs burn better
upside down run and dodge the last botttle to wake you
from your hollow touch

they drop from the building

Chris is awesome

Burrito's are nice.