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2002-04-21 08:41:51 (UTC)

the beginning of history's mine

well, stuff has been happening. subtle subtle things, here
and there, oh fuck, here's something important: a new
artifact. a key, i found on the bench i think on tuesday.
the bench i eat at every lunch and the same side. this is
important. in was directly placed in the center of where i
sit everyday day at school, so i doubt someone lost it
there, besides, no one else sits there. and i tried to
overhear any discussion over a lost key, but so far,
nothing. but here's the clencher: i can't find the first
key. you know, the mercury key i found in my locker last
year. when i first found #2, i thought id compare the two,
like patterns, color, seeing if contact did anything, but i
searched everywhere and its no where to be found. this is
strange, since ive been able to find it at anytime for the
last year or so. the key has 0387 on it. its by master,
its copper and kinda stubby. round head. if you did lose
a key, i guess i have it. fuck, i just had the first key 2
weeks ago, i can't find it anywhere. man... more earthly
things are going up, it seems almost. as if im just coming
out of the doldrums of the rebound of my oscillation drop.
lets see newbies understand that statement. anyway,
this'll be the first actual recorded lift, since i
theorized this around the top or middle of my last drop.
so, this key symbolizes the lift? maybe key #1 was the
mark of my last lift. i dunno. only time will tell.
speaking of which, anyone see that documentary on time
travel and wormholes on nova on pbs? good shit. still
getting a c in algebra 2, that sucks, but ill have the
teacher assistant change just the progress reports, nothing
internal like scores. ill raise it to a b by the end of
the year, so no harm is committed. shit, melfina starts
with m, too. i hope im not slipping into my 14 year old
theories stage. man, 14 was a fucked up year. ill be 16
on the 29, im not sure what that'll bring. who cares,
birthdays are just celebrations that you haven't died yet.
i hate birthdays, way too much fuckin attention and
expectations, at least this other guy has the same b-day as
me, so we do dual parties, great way to spread the
attention. but he's moving soon, so ill have to go back to
having attention, shit. i guess its (or was) 4-20. i
didn't 'smoke out' or anything, i bet most entries online
will be about that. i think i will someday, tho. i doubt
its considered a sin, but i dunno. tomarrow (or today) is
karate regional tournament. ill be going up against brown
belts when im still green since im in the 2-4 years of exp
division. i guess its chill, since it'd be unfair to go in
the 1-2 div since i have 2.5 years of exp. tenchi muyo is
chill. the first anime (tm! in love movie on sci-fi years
back) that didn't give me side effects. anyway, creative
part of my mind is getting all stimulated. im getting
urges to create. art, writing, movies, anime series, just
the urge to make. man, sasami has always been fucked up
and depressed in these series. if you haven't figured out,
im watching adult swim. for those involved, ill share. i
think yu yu is surprisingly good, though it just seems like
manga crap at first. the dubbing seems somewhat decent,
and the translation sounds alright. cowboy bebop will
always remain near perfect in ALL aspects. pilot candidate
and gundam 0083 are both y7! this sucked, both are suitable
for toonami, even kids wb! anyway, pc is actually
improving, taking a psychological turn, its developing ok,
but i think that dubbing could use some help, maybe.
gundam has some pretty good animation at times, but its
just a slow dull plot compared to most anime, maybe im just
spoiled. and tm! remains just a fun carefree anime with
good aspects, and outlaws star just the same (btw, the
theme song makes it SO much better). jhonen vasquez
shoulda done something for adult swim. anyway, sunday
adult swim is hilarious, as usual, im not gonna review it
now, just watch it if you haven't (on cartoon network). i
need to get all coxed up and get hundreds of channels, fuck
the price, ill just have to spare looks for my apartment,
dorm, house, HA! screw paint, furniture, whatever, just a
mattress, fridge, oven, tv, and lots and lots of boxes is
all i need. or is it 'are all i need'? forget it, i need
sleep for the tournament, but i might not brush my teeth,
ive been slacking off a lot w/ that. i guess thats the

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