Meshed Up
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2002-04-21 08:33:57 (UTC)

an evening scene

in this dark room, looking out the window and seeing the
blues and blacks of the evening sky...i realize that i am
alone. i realize that i am lonely.

the streets are empty. i see yellow lights along the roads
as they stand quietly.

make music to fill this void in my life. reach out across
the seas to take the hand of my love and hold it close to
my heart. i would love to breathe on a clouded day.

the wind blows and rustles the sleeping trees. i see lights
twinkling in the horizon. how empty life is.

everything is still. my heart is still.

i choke on life. temporary happiness.

i can do nothing but to accept what already is. accept what
already has been done. i am torn. i see my future falling.

riding a plane into the sky, seeing a glass of water
tremble on the table, i can drop ten thousand feet and feel

the power of goodbye. it is only when we reach the point
where we are about to say goodbye do we see the point of
our hello.

i bleed myself dry. i embrace the silence. the night. i
hold myself in my hands, softly blow til the bubble floats
off and disappears.

i dream of dreams and long for longings. i am empty.