chandra lee
2000-12-21 23:13:36 (UTC)

hey today is going great....

hey today is going great.. kinda bored though . i dont know
waht to do there are these guys were i used to live adn all
and like one was my best friend and we tryed gonig out adn
we acted like brother and sister and we still do but i
really love him alot. and then there is another guy which i
messed around with and he was sortof a dick but i still
liked him alot. and then the last guy well he was one of my
good friends like for atleast4 yrs. and we tryed something
and it worked great . he was totaly bad for me though . .
but i guess i loved him to . but as a friend and i liked
him as a boyfriend. i dont know waht to do because i am
having these feelings again now that i have started talking
to them . and now where i live there are so many guys
that i want . one lives across the street from me he is 19
and in college . he is sooooooo damn hott we always go
places. and then there is my stepdads best friend he is 20
o 21 and he has a girlfriend but doesnt really like her
because the way she is and thats all i dont know what to do
cuz there is this guy that likes me i thought he was pretty
cute but then he opened his mouth and i saw he had a big
gap in his front teeth... grosh,,,,,,,, but i dont want to
hurt his feelings or anything. but anyways.i also i guess
like this black guy that is in one of my classes and all
but i dont know about it because i am white and all . i
dont know waht to do someone help!!!!!!!!!!!! like the guy
who lives across the street i see all the breaks that we
have . and my stepdads best friend has been flirtin with
me alot and i see him everyday ., i dont
know ........................ maybe i need to control my
self but they are soooo hottt and all .and i ahve always
been wanting older men but not that old like int the late
20's my mom says that i can go out with or date to 21 and
thats it !!!!!!! what do i do????

always chandra