*~*My Diary*~*
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2002-04-21 05:59:42 (UTC)


Its about 12:44am...not really 4-20 anymore but i decided
to put that in there kuz it looked cool:] neways...my 2nd
day of the week being grounded. Something sad...i'm
actually over-excited about going to church tommarrow, its
going to be my only socialness of this weekend. I watched
alot of movies...alot of episodes of trading spaces...and
alot of internet. I AM PATHETIC. But theres nothing else 2
do neways. I want our house to be done...my dads been
working on it for a long time now, i just want to either
finish it or move the fuck out of here!!! i want a tatoo
ever-so badly right now...i just watched this thing on TLC
about tatoos and peircings. I'm really tired and Kazaa is
being gay...its not working too well.

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