still single

sick of all the sh*t
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2001-05-29 00:56:21 (UTC)

Stoned Again

Well I'm just gonna babble hear because I can't think very
clearly right now and so much has and hasn't happened.
Denis has been nice to me last part of the week...gave me
extra money(he owed me $)to get Perfume and bought me
lunch...shit like that...then he finally called Friday
night after not hearing from him in a week(outside of
work). I was sooo pathetic am I...well he told
me he was gaoing to see his family in Ventura...didn't know
when he'd be back...told him to have fun and drive
safe.Well it is Monday evening and I haven't heard from him
again...and just when I thought he seemed to be coming to
his senses and back to ME! Maybe I'm just too impatient...I
try to think that he wouldn't have called if he didn't give
a damn..I REALLY wish he'd call again...I miss the guy who
at work they call George Castanza because he has the
tiniest hands you've ever those of a 10 yr
old..LOL...when I start to feel down I remind myself...It
sucks living behind your moms house because she is so damn
nosey.Today she says to me"Where is Denis?" I tell her he
is visiting his family in Ventura and she comes back
with "And he didn't take you?..and he hasn't come by the
last week has he?...he must be trying to break it off with
you." Fuck she irritates the hell out of me!!I can always
count on her making things worse...and just when I thought
there was a chance to escape he's trippin out!!!
Fuck Fuck Fuck...

Kurt from Oklahoma just moved to a new
apartment and wanted me to come up this weekend and
stay...was going to until Denis called on Friday...maybe he
knew about Kurt and that's why he called...he is psychic a
lot of the times...can practically read my mind.Scary.Shit
I over-analyze...drives me fucking nuts...that's why I
smoke pot and I think I'm gonna smoke a bowl right now and
forget about Denis for a bit...

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