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2002-04-21 04:59:20 (UTC)

Merry Belated (at least on the East Coast) 4.20........

Yeah...good day. This girl tossed her cigarette pack that
had her money in it into a pond. Walked around for a mad
fuckin long time. Gave up trying to lose my tolerance for
D, but it ended up working all right--st least it wasn't
for nothing. Also gave up quitting pot, but what can I say,
I guess I kinda knew that I wouldn't hold out. There's so
many tempatations. If it's not one thing, it's something
else which is usually worse. I dunno, don't listen to me,
I'm just rambling away like I alwys do. Today was great
though, I got to chill with some of my friends that I
haven't seen in a really long time and do everything I
wanted to get done except drink, which is def. for the best
anyway...Can't believe the lead singer from Alice in Chains
died-I dunno, I've been listening to them pretty much my
whole life. Anyway, I'm really tired and everyone else has
already fallen asleep and I still have to get the guy out of my
room. God, my one complaint tonight is that I'm fuckin
itchy. Oh well, I can deal with that. Later days as my
cousin says...
For one white singing hour of peace,
Count many a year of strife well lost,
And for a breath of ectasy,
Give all you have been or could be....
-From "Barter" by Sara Teasdale

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