SuGaR RuSh
2002-04-21 04:00:51 (UTC)

4~20 lol...

oh geez 2 nite was funny...bill calls me n says him and
andrew r walkin up..i was like yayaya cuz andrew is hott as
fawk so we chill @ my house 4 a lil then im like this is 2
boring lets leave so we leave and i leave a note 2 tell my
parents were im goin cuz they were gone we r down thar and
bill has weed that he got from my cuz and he was waitin 2
smoke it until his gf got she gets thar...and
andrew is bein a dick the hole nite and so we all go in the
backyard cuz bills mom would get mad if we did it in the
house then stupid bill member that its "good stuff" he says
and sum gurl who smoked it last nite was really fucked up
4 like 6 hrs and i was like i cant cuz my mom will
know...and andrew couldnt cuz his mom would know we
r alll in the backyard and bill n jess r smokein and jess
breaks the pipe hahaha and bill couldnt fix it so he had 2
go 2 the house and get stuff 2 make a new 1...thats how
ghetto he is lol...and so he dumped the weed on andrews
hand and stupid fuckin andrew drops it on the ground (not
thinkin what hes doin) when bills walkin 2 the house...and
me him n jess r goin NUTS cuz bill was gunna fuckin killll
him...then i was like just grab sum grass off the ground
and use it...hell never know so andrew does that and bill
comes back down and we r all like pissin our pants laughin
then jess was like no i dun wanna smoke n e more cuz she
thought she saw a cop car so shes all like goin
nuts...then we r all sittin on steps when bills in the back
gettin "high" and we r still laughin and bill comes up
all "high" and shit it was soooo funny...jess was sayin
that hes gunna act high 2 so hes sayin and doin all this
stupid shit and we r all like fuckin dying cuz hes such an
asshole so hes like that the whole nite....lolol...and be4
that bill n jess r fuckin onthe couch makin out and me n
andrew were like la de da...i was so mad he such an
asshole...and they r all walkin me home and he just like
leaves and then he runs back up the hill and dun say
another fuckin word 2 me they r walkin me
home...and this car stops in front of me...we waz all like
wtf? then i relized its mother...i was like oh fuck its my
mom and i open the door and she looks PISSEDD and i was
like oh fuck im in deep we sorta bitched @
eachother but i dun think im inthat deep of shit i think
shes mostly mad cuz i didnt leave a message when i called 2
times...but im really pissed bout andrew grrrrr and when me
n my mom were walkin in the house she was like u better not
have been drinking or doin drugs and i like smiled but she
didnt c was soooooooooo funny....but anywho...ohhh
ya....i just rememberd...rite when my mom pulled up..andrew
was like yesterday julie wasfinally 16...hmm i wonder what
else he was gunna say...welll im out