down in my eyes
2002-04-21 03:35:49 (UTC)

Last night.

Friday night... was Rudiger's chain show.. I was with
my dear OJ.. Gernez, 'n a couple of their friends.
It was awesome finally meeting Gernez...

I only had two pics left on my camera, so I took one with
OJ while we waited for the doors to open.. 'n i took the
last one of the lead, of Rudiger. yay.

I was really lucky we got there early, 'cos the show sold out.
Lemme try to give details without getten too emotional..
Rudiger DID kick major ass tho.

We sat/leaned infront of some Rudiger-sticker storage car..
while we were waiten.. me 'n OJ had some quality talk time...
It really makes me happy when we do that..
Some doode with a video camera came, 'n had the 6 of us introduce
ourselves. When the camera was pointed towards me tho, it SEEMed
like he was holding it wrong, like he had really bad aim...'n he was
filming over my head-- which was the backwall tho. I dunno.

Even tho there were 6 of us, we ended up splitting..into 3...3.

At first, OJ was worried 'bout going into the pit- even tho he wound
up in there, anyways. I was up against the wall, so i felt pretty
safe.. up until some bastard got shoved so hard..it was a domino
effect... 'n my left arm got pushed back the wrong way, 'n up against
the wall. Oucch.
Me 'n Carina didnt really know any of the opening bands..
but silly OJ kept us alert & amused.
Since i didnt know any of the opening bands, during one of their
songs,.. i *excused* myself to the bathroom. I was expecten
OJ 'n his buddy, Carina, to stay put tho,.. so i took my time..
BUT when i got out, they were waiten right there for me.
We didnt know the last two opening bands, so we sat at the
sidelines thru 'em... till RUDIGER was up.

We went back to the front,.. 'n as soon as Rudiger started, everyone
started moshing. I was watching OJ as he was going in 'n out of the pit..
At some point, i accidently got caught in the whirlwind of the
moshpit.. This moshing dork tripped 'n fell, but as he fell,
he tripped me.. 'n i went down with him,too. Nerd.
Lotsa nice people helped me up tho,.. ididnt even hafta really
budge, i just got pulled up. cool. 'N i crowd surfed,.. of course!
most of the night, i was disappointed, thinken iwouldnt be able to,
since no one broke the ice.. But finally when the surfers
started surfen,.. 'n i saw OJ..'n Gernez's friend MyKieu go up,
i got re*inspired*... 'n OJ gave me a boost. Yaay. i'm proud.
I think OJ is, too.. :)
We had to keep our eyes on OJ so we wouldnt lose him.
We'd find him again when we did, 'n push ourselves near him,.. only for
OJ to get separated from us again,.. 'cos he kept going in 'n out of the
mosh pit. silly OJ. Me 'n Carina were pretty much side by side, through
most of the show, tho.

Woah, i just looked up, 'n realized how many times i said "OJ"..
Oh well.

Well, i know i'm missing alot... but.. how much could these pages hold,
out of a six hour night, anyway?
.. At the end of the show, i bought a shirt,.. 'n OJ got the lead to
sign my ticket stub..
What better way IS there.. to spend the 3rd night before i
leave? =P

Shhhh... dont tell him. He doesnt really know-.. but.. he really
makes me soo happpy... =)

I miss him already....

"Just try your best, try everything you can,...
It just takes some time, give it alittle bit, alittle bit,
everything will be alright, alright."

-Jimmy Eats World..