Older person getting older: Thoughts
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2001-05-28 23:50:49 (UTC)

I kissed the Stone of Remeberance

I touched you, though you did not feel.
I wept for you, though you knew not my tears.
I saw your fight, and honored it.
I felt your loves, and remembered them too.

I walked beside your pals, buddys, and friends.
I can read each one by name.
I have a swelling in the pit of my stomach;
Much like you must have had that day.

You are still the man I always knew.
You the farmer, the lawyer, the high school graduate.
You never failed me.
Your answer is here, it has been all the while.

The prize you sought:
Children running the fields, laughing and singing.
Women so beautiful, they stop hearts with one touch.
Blue sky undaunted by thunder and lighting.
Yes! Your prize is won.

I etched your name to my paper.
I kissed the stone of rememberance.
Private, Leutenant, Corporal, Captain.
This Memorial Day, my hommage is you.

God Speed, you are not forgotten.

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