OhBaby It Is Me

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2002-04-21 02:21:17 (UTC)

How sweet

This is a letter that I wrote to my church thanking
everyone for the money to go to NCYC in Indiana.

Dear parishioners of St. ----’s church

I would like to personal thank all of you that have
supported, in one way or another, our trip to Indiana. It
was the experience of a lifetime. It was overwhelming to
walk down a crowed road with literally thousands of my
peers that all believed in the same God I do. I don't
believe there was a second that you couldn't feel God's
presents in that place. Walking down the road singing
Christmas carols, mass in the RCA dome with all the priest
and bishops, and my favorite, the bus ride home singing
while Fr. ---- strummed merrily on his guitar. It was such
an experience, one that would not be possible with out the
loving support of all of you. Thank you so much for all
your support and prayers.

------ ------


You are my best friend
you've been right here through thick and thin
you are my best friend guiding me through places i've been
you are my best friend
through our situations you've been my insperation
my best friend your still here and I love you

I think you got angelwings hiding up under there somewhere
Michelle my bell
don't know what we would be if we never met you girl
I love you ,I thank you ,you such a blessing
I am so greatful I truely believe the lord sent you to me and Kelly
your smile and laughter always makes me happy
when i'm to serious or to intense
with a voice that beautiful you was heaven sent
my sister my life couldn't be better
doing what I love with my best friends and making chedder
Kelly the most beatufulist girl in the world
your my survivior and I admire you, you have no idea how special you
are, humble,talented,and blessed you are.
sometimes I wish I could be more like you
sometimes they don't want to give your credit to you
would'nt be a Destinys Child if it weren't for you
DC3 for ever i'm thanking you

Lord thank you for your vision that we see down here on earth
thank you for your precious gifts
your sweet precious gift of love
through everything
can't no one come between us three


Ain't it funny god always knows what he's doing and he showed me some
of that when you came into me and B's life
and just let us know that we can count on you
and actually say with a relaxed heart together we are sisters
your smile has so much meaning,so much life
you are the perfect fit
what more could we ask for
we got Michelle your voice is like water, your voice is like rain
and the world ain't ready for you
I love you and I will always be here for you
we've come so far together and it feels so good to have traveled half
the road of life with an angel walking, and learning and teaching you
the whole time
god is so awsome and I thank him for answering my prayers as a child
I never told you this, but i prayed for a lifelong friend as a child
and god just has his way of sending precious treasures and I found
and everyday our realationship gets stronger and I love you for the
loyal,unselfish,generous,gifted,wise,and beautifual person you are
no one absolutily no one can take that away from us
youe are the difenition of a true friend

B and Kelly you two mean so much to me
Only god knew that this union was ment to be
only god knew all the things we couldn't see
but if we pray together..we'll stay together..

Beyonce and kelly
you both eximplify coming from my eyes what love is
love is patient Beyonce that's what you've been
love is kind Miss Kelly that's what you've shown
it does not envy, it does not boast, it is now proud,it is not
rude,it is not self-seeking,and it is not easly angered,it keeps no
record of wrong
love is not delighting evil,but rejoyses with truth
it always protects,always trusts,always hopes, always persivere's

Me and you was ment to be
la dee da da
nothing can take me away from me
la de da da
never going to let you go
la dee da da
sister,sisters I love you
la dee da da
we is forever DC3
la dee da da
Beyounce,Michelle,and Kelly
la dee da da
cant nobody take that away from me
la dee da da
your the reason why I sing
la dee da da

I thank you

(it's the DC outro i got it on my comp got their whole album)