I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-04-21 02:14:18 (UTC)


I'm tired, hungry, and bored. But I did get a new message
today about my journal and they said that they enjoyed my
diary! Woohoo!! Thanks dood!! :) Did you read the whole
thing? I forgot to ask that. Do people read every entry of
the diaries that they like? Hmmm.....I'm not ready to tell
you if I do or not....okay, yes I do. Actually, there's only
one guy on here at the moment who I read religiously. I'm
very happy that he's prompt and up to date. His journal
writing is a daily thing. GO YOU!

I don't like this comp at the housesitting house. It's slow,
the mouse sucks, and there are these damn parental controls
on it. Not that I'd go look up porn, but it won't let you
log into sites, so no email for me. *sigh* There is no food
here. Boo. Oh well, I don't need it anyway. I really hope
that I get the bartender job. I really do. I think I'd be
good at it, have a good time, and well, I just would like to
do it. Even though I'm a nonsmoker and I'd come home
smelling like smoke every night. Yeah, so. Anyways. Life
continues. Maybe more later cause I still won't have
anything to do.