Nicky's World
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2002-04-21 02:05:19 (UTC)


today i woke up really earlie and went to my little buddy
dreaks baseball game and it was so cute. i love watching
little kids play when they are just learning about what do
do it funny.

then i came hame and had to go look and houses with my mom,
i hate moving! but we found a house and i like it a lot it
bigger and much prettier i'll get my own bathroom! i hope
we get it!

life is so confusing. it is always thowing me stuff that i
don't know how to deal with. and my friends are always
doing stuff that i don't know how to help with. it's crazy!

my friend brittani is moving to ohio with this guys she
has never meet and i have a really bad feeling about it. i
tryied to get her to stay but no one every listens to me.
just when i start to become close friend with her she has
to leav me. i feel like crying. i want her to stay! *tears*
why does she have to leave? she says she will write me
every day but i know how that ends up. all of my other
friend who have moved, we've said that but it never happens
that way. we grow farther and farther a part and soon if i
ever see her again i'll be like "hey arn't you that girl"
maybe the bus will break down and she will have to stay
here. i'll just keep thinking of things that will happen so
she will stay here, knowing none of them are going to
actually happen.

i'm stuck here with nothing to do. board to death i want to
go somewhere but i think it's prolly to late.

my sister is such a brat when ever she doesn't get her way
she stoms her way through the house until every one is
miserable. why does she have to act like that somtimes i
just want to tape her mouth shut. right now she is crying
cause my mom won't help her wash her hair. and when she
doesn't get her way she hates everything. gosh!

i'm going to go crazy!