Sway's Days
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2001-05-28 22:49:48 (UTC)

A Beginning

Now that none of my friends know about this I'm free to write
whatever I want. To say anything that's bottled up in me and
not have to worry about hurt feelings or anything of that shit.
To start, I have to talk about Mehruba. She is one of those
people who I hate knowing. She's a sore loser, she cracks
corny jokes and has a retarded laugh. She swears to god
she's the shit. She's used to being the best, smartest, prettiest.
She gets mad when she meets someone who's better than her.
God, I do not like her.
To continue, this feels very different than my other diary.
Unfamiliar. Over time I'll probably get used to it though.
Anibal keeps telling me that Jordi likes Catherine but I refuse to
believe it. Why? I don't really know the answer. Maybe
because if I think it too then I'll go and tell Catherine and if he
really doesn't it'll be my fault she's sad. Or maybe, and this is
the reason why I think so though I really don't want to admit it,
it's because I'll be jealous. If he likes her I'll be SO jealous, I
know it. When he started going out with her last year I was
jealous. After I found out I couldn't believe it. I was upset he
didn't tell me about it.
But it's a horrible thing to be jealous. YOU HAVE A
BOYFRIEND, SILLY! Truthfully, I think if Jordi had just kept his
hair short we would be going out now. And maybe that's why,
even though I love bald men, the less hair the better, I want
Jordi to keep his long locks. Why? Because I'm afraid I'll
consider thinking he's worth maintaining a relationship larger
than friend. He's already an amazing person, if
he starts looking better than Anibal, I don't know what I'll do.
It would be the most horrible thing to do Anna. Never ever ever
think about going out with Jordi. It would turn everything into