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Mad Ramblings From a Blithering Idiot
2002-04-20 23:19:34 (UTC)

Ease the Burning

My back is on fire and I should be at work right now.
I tried today, I really tried, but I only lasted forty
minutes before the pain and the heat and stickiness took
their toll and I had to tell TJ and L2 that it was time for
me to go. The back of my shirt was stained and soaked with
that nasty wet scabby liquid. I probably could've survived
a lot longer if it hadn't been quite so unbearably hot and
crowded. Second degree burns plus more heat plus Wal-Mart
equals a distraught, limp me. I've been told that I
definitely have sun poisoning as well. Aloe and tylenol
don't help anymore, either. I hope I get better soon.
Perhaps I should've called Josh, as he wants me to call him
when I get off. But I've been too exhausted. Since I came
home I've done nothing but switch cold compresses in
between chapters of the book I'm reading.

Josh also wants me to come out tonight. I think I
might if it's just us-the only kind of top I can wear are
the strappy tanks because they don't touch any of the
burned parts. It's embarassing enough that he's seen my
back. I wouldn't want anyone to be completely disgusted.
My mother hates to look at it, although I make her apply
the Solarcaine. Funny thing, I was reading the bottle and
it said (well, not really, as it can't talk) not to apply
on blisters. Uh, too late... Also, the directions
explained that if the burn persisted after several days to
discontinue use and see a doctor. As I have no health
insurance, I shall continue to break the rules.

I left work early last night as well. I only stayed
two hours and forty minutes (by the way, what's up with the
whole forty minutes?). I went to L's-anything to take my
mind off of my back. I could only stay for about an hour,
then I had to bid she and Jamie adieu. I slept a bit
better, and I thought everything was doing well, even after
I'd gone to the bank and talked to Josh, but when I was
getting ready for work it really began to hurt. When I got
into the heat at Wally World, I couldn't take it any more.
So here I am.

I don't know what I'm going to do. I hope I'm better
by Tuesday, because that's the day that A and I are going
to a concert. I know I've failed to mention that, I don't
know why. At the age of nineteen years, eight months, I
shall be attending my very first *real* concert. Not a
rock band or one of my European loves, but...drum roll
please and hold your laughter...*NSync. I can't believe it
myself. But it's something to do and I'll definitely have
a story to tell. I love having funny anecdotes.


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