Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-04-20 23:15:18 (UTC)

A Wierd Dream. From This Morning.

I don't remember exactly how it started, but I can take it
from being on a doubl-decker bus between Burnley and
Huddersfield, in the snow. I had my Minidisc playing and
was sort of humming along, as you do, for a while. I was
upstairs, at the front. There was my mum there, and a girl
who was an 8 year old version of Mel B out of the Spice

Eventually this mini-Mel B got to really annoying me with
her existence, so I decided to talk to her - it seems she
was in a tribute band to the Spice Girls, involving only 8
year old kids. I thought it was a little odd, but we ended
up getting along quite well, and were chatting away at the
front of the top deck.

We watched the bus go round the part of M62 which is
labelled 'Highest Motorway In England', and laughed
together at a sign directing us to Arnold (6 miles away -
in the dream. It doesn't exist in real life).

It was about then that I noticed that the road signs could
peel back, and I saw (from the bus) that many of the old
signs that used to say Rochdale had a new sign on top
saying some other minor town (Bury and Oldham, I rememeber).

Unfortunately eventually the bus took a corner that was a
little too tight, the end ended up scraping round, and it
fell on its side and slipped down the hill. The Mel B type
and I leapt out, not taking anything with us and my mum
soon followed.


I was walking along with my Alan, the guy down our street,
through a hilltop area with forest, and e were discussing
football videos, and which we enjoyed.

We ended up in a service station, and I was looking through
the books, but noticed that there were several videos
(white generally, but the corners were green or red) of
individual Italian football matches. I sorted through them,
but couldn't find any that I wanted.

So we left, and bumped into my mum, to whom I asked "Has
our stuff come back from the bus yet".

She nodded, and I hugged her.