Tamra's life
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2001-05-28 21:45:23 (UTC)

Very piss off at the moment...

sorry i havent written in so freaking long. School has
takin over my stupid life. I spent the night at my dads
this week and only got to see adam once. I could be with
him right now but im not and that is the reason why im
pissed. I am between sad and really REALLY mad. Adam could
have came over and hung out but i would have to be home at
5 and he would have got here at 2 and we would only see
eachother for 3 hours. He didnt even want to bother coming
over here for that reason. UGH! three hours is fucking
better that no time at all! THAT WAS SUCH A JOE THING TO
DO! ugh...assholes...boys suck ass sometimes


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