2002-04-20 22:19:45 (UTC)

April 20th 2002

As usual, not much happened, but I got alot to write.

I read my sisters diary and she is definately not happy. I
started thinking lately about moving out as soon as I turn
18. (First I gotta get a job though. Woohoo!) So I hope that if
Teresa can't take it anymore she would live with me as soon
as she turns too.

This is what happened yesterday:
I wanted to go with someone to see the Scorpion King.
(You gotta love Dwayne Johnson, lol, can you believe that's
the rocks real name? It sounds geeky. lol!) Well anyway, I
called up Aiondria and she said sure, to call her back at
1:00. To keep occupied for an hour and a half, I packed
another box. It took me until about 1:45 though. When I
called her she wasn't home. My bro said she bailed on me. I
didn't think so. But if I wanted to see the movie I had to
scram and fast. Atleast if I wanted a ride there, and if I
wanted to get back by bus with my card not doing tricks on
me. So I called up my friend Adriana. She said she was on
her way downtown to eat, and meet some friends, but they
bailed on her too, so I went with her. She was leaving
right now, so I just put on my coat and left with her.
(Since I never go downtown I really wanted to go, and
because it was kinda spontaneus, which I love!)

So we met up and started walking along the bus route. Took
the bus once by Kimball to Washington. Then (for the first
time) I took the Red Line over to Grand. I think that's
what it was. We got a little lost, but since I didn't
really know much about the place she was telling me where
what is. It was really cool. We walked in a square before
she realized where the dinner place where she wanted to go

It was real cool. It's a 50's Theme restaurant, where the
chicks walk around in those puddle (I don't think that's
how you spell it) skirts. They had the weirdest menue. It
was the kind of home cooking most people would grosse out
over. At least so I think. (I mean come on, the special
drink for yesterday was a peanut butter smoothie. Maybe it
tastes good, but it sounds grosse to me.)

I liked the atmosphere of the place. It seemed real. No
fake smiles and such. People were in character when they
came up to you and they didn't put on a fake "I'm all
smiles" attitude. (We waited to be seated under a flying
pig. lol!)

My friend has the weirdest cravings. She wanted something
sloppy. Like potatoes. So she ate potatoes with some meat.
It looked kinda odd to me. It was in fact a very sloppy
meal. I had an Oreo Pie. MMMM... Yummy. It was so sweet.
Like a huge fudge browny with whipped cream on top. I
couldn't finish it.

Later we got out and she made a phone call by a McDonald's
to her boyfriend Eric. (I know him from work also, but we
don't really talk much.) He said that with her directions
he would have gotten lost coming here, so we were to pick
him up on Kimball, and later see the Scorpion King. So
that's what we did.

Later we walked a little to the theatre. I was totally lost
now since we have taken a different route to get there.
Once in the theatre it was alredy 6:00 p.m. My how the time
flies. I knew my mom would worry since I didn't leave a
note and she was definately already home. So I called her
up and said that the tickets for that show were all sold
out until now, so we bought the tickets early for the 6:45/
6:50 show, and we have been just hanging out and the time
flew by real quick. I told her we were on Webster. I think
she might have gotten a little suspecious about what I
really did since I didn't know where we were, I was brought
here with my friends directions who was now purchasing
popcorn, and DIDN'T want a ride. (I mean come on, I always
want a ride.) The movie did start at 6:45. I told her it
would last 2 hours though, so that it would be easier for
me to get home without too big of a noticeable difference
between the end time and the time I was to be home (after

The movie was fabulous. Just like the Rock said on an
interview: It has everything, comedy, romance, and action.
It certainly was very funny. (I perticularly like his face
expressions, the camal, and well so many things.) I wanna
see it again if it is possible. It's a good date movie I
We had a funny audience. They made remarks like: "Yeah" and
such. Liking what they see in some sexual moments. Hahaha!

We later went home by train. I was completely lost. Adriana
is a good friend though. Even though Eric and I aren't real
chatty together, she didn't neglect either of us. I know
some people, once they're boyfriends and girlfriends are
around, all they do is hang together and not talk to anyone
else, no matter what the festivity. They weren't like that.
So it was cool. I only felt neglected once I started
thinking about it. But that's because I forced this on
myslef in some way I can't help, don't want, but can't
escapre. (It wasn't real big anyway, just some akward
moment when they were making out.)

Out of this whole thing I was very satisfied. She paid for
me in the restaurant, (which I didn't want, but she did
anyway,) he payed for me for the movie, (which I definately
didn't want, but none of them took my cash.) I'll get them
next time. I also got an aplication for starbucks. I'll
turn it in as soon as I find out my new phone number. Also,
(yes this was a very productive day,) I found some houses
for lease in downtown. I didn't get their numbers to call
and ask about the price ranges, so that I have a descent
picture in my head how this whole living thing is gonna
cost me. Oh yeah, and I talked to Adriana, and she said
that if an opportunity to live outside the house comes, she
might take it. So if I wanna move around February, I'll
keep her in mind as a roomy. She's already 18 atleast and
going to McCormick college as a freshman, so she thought
about it before. When we had our tarot read, it said for
her, that she will have many changes in her life. So within
a year from that reading she's prabobly gonna move out. I
hope she moves in with me. She'd make a great room mate.
Besides she has a knowledge of the town. I hope.

Which brings me to the beginning of this entry. If Teresa
is not happy there, if she wants to go to college here,
(which I doubt,) then I'd like to have her as a room mate.
Her and Adriana. Even if we have a 2 bedroom thing and
Teresa and I would have to share a room. I wouldn't mind as
long as she'd be there, and we'd have enough cash for a
life! How grand that would be.



P.S. Did I mention Kayne wrote to me? Definately not in
this entry. He's so sweet. Of course I haven't forgotten
about him. In a few years his band will hopefully hit it
big, and I'll be older, more experianced, and with my feet
better planted on the ground. Hopefully he'll come on tour
or something, and we'd have an unforgettable time.
Well, here's to hoping! (drinks)