The lost little girl
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2002-04-20 21:44:48 (UTC)

friday night :)

well yesterday i went to get crystal's tattoo with her...it
took 4 1/2 hours to do but it's so nice and was well worth
last night crystal, rachel and myself went to the grant.
it's a club, duh. and we had a great time. We actually ran
into a few people that we knew, so it was fun.we ended up
staying at rachel's house last night. so here's the
interesting thing...i wake up around 6 am and crystal was on
the floor next to the couch i was on and she pulled her head
up and looked at me. i was like " what the hell is that?"
and she just looked out the window and was like " the wind,
see the trees are moving" so i looked around the room..the
apartment was moving...and so was the couch i was on and
everything else in the room...i turned to crystal and was
like " sweety...wind doesn't do that!!!" we find out later
this morning that there was an earthquake in NY and we were
getting after shocks...it was quite the strange experience.
i guess they felt aftershocks all the way down to erie,
nothing really else went on. i'm gonna go back to watching
tv with crystal. i guess i will talk to you later -
byebyebye-love you- janie

daily quote:

"I'll be damned...it was an earthquake!?" - me