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2002-04-20 21:02:56 (UTC)


Okay, I went out with this girl Liz for six months. Then
we broke up because she needed some time, but stayed close
and kissed and everything. Well, a few months later she
got another boyfriend but continued to be my friend with
benifits. Well, they broke up because he was cheating on
her and stuff like that and they fought and she promised
NEVER to get back together with him. Well, just on
Thursday night she was crying because all her former
friends are becoming dickheads. She's always talked about
needing a vacation, but since she's only 16 that's kind of
hard, espically with school. She decided she was going to
block her arguing friends and me on her buddylists for AOL
Instant Messanger. Well, in any case, she's still talking
to her exboyfriend and I'm afraid that she's going to start
liking him again. She said that she was blocked the people
she cared about though, so I don't know. Someone please
help me!