The Role Model- run up
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2001-05-28 21:04:45 (UTC)

peter Keeley Page 1 5/28/01

This diary was set up to document the pre production and
production of my play "The Role Model" at Manchester’s
Contact-Theatre on the 30th and 31st of May. There will be
a progress production to give me an idea of what works
within the peace and what does not. This hopefully will
lead on to a fully scripted peace suitable for performance.

I first became involved with the Contact in 1999 with
Augusto Boals Theatre of the Oppressed. As I was there I
thought that I would take the first scripted draft. It was
there I heard about the new workshop for up and coming
scriptwriters “Flip the Script”. I was the winner of the
debut workshop on Wednesday 15th March 2000 giving just 4
minutes of “The Role Model” I then went on to win the
flowing two months giving a further 10 minutes on the 19th
April and the 17th May of that same year.

I was delighted that a really well established and
interesting group of actors and actresses became involved
in performing my work. This included:
· Wole Sawyer
· Tim Taylor
· Julie Hesmondhalgh
· Praveen Sond
· Zoë Henry
· Debbie Howard
· Michael Begley and others

The story of The Role Model goes something like this The
play is about a young person with Cerebral Palsy and is a
very real look at his views about life
If you would like any Information on “Flip the Script or
other up coming project or phone
them direct on