SuGaR RuSh
2002-04-20 19:48:19 (UTC)


lordy 2 day was fun..sorta... last week callie told me her
n ryan broke up and that he chated on her...and i was
sooooo mad i like hated ryan..i was goin on thur
callie said ryan was commin 2 her house 4 sumthin and i was
like bring him down i wanna kill him...and shes like ya ok
i she called and shes like we r commin down...and
i was like okay..they come down...i open the door callie n
ryan r standin that and ryans like heyyyy julzzzzzzz and i
was like hmm this is odd..and then callie was like we lied
we didnt break up we made the whole thing up..ambers even
in on it..and ryan handed me a card....they were like we r
poor so we played a trick on u 4 ur bday haha THEY R SOO
MEANNNN! anyways... me n like sum of my fam went 2 lunch 4
my bday it was soo funny...cuz my mom told them it was my
bday so like every1 who worked thar came over and gave me a
balloon and this really hott guy came and gave me 1 2 i was
like OMG lordy lolol it was so funny...@ least they didnt
sing 2 me cuz i woulda went under the tabel
lol...hmm..andrew said hes gunna call me 2 day..i hopey he
does...don called when i wasent home hes workin till like
the crack of dawn so ill talk 2 him 2 morrow..last nite we
was on the fone when i went 2 my aunts 4 a lil partyish
sorta thang it was fun they was singin 2 me and my aunt
said cindy instead of julie hahaha...anywho..when me n him
was talkin like i dunno he was gunna ask me out then he
siad he wasent cuz he wanted 2 go out on a acual "date"
next week 2 make sure hes doin the rite thing but he says
hes 99.9999% sure he is...? i dunno dude guys r so f'n
weird! *nsync is in 2 daysss woooooohooooo and no doubt is
the next day im gunna b sooooo dead on
monday lordy well thars nuffin else 2 out