The Role Model- run up
2001-05-28 20:45:52 (UTC)

Peter Keeley Page 3 28/5/01

Today, as you know, is bank holiday Monday. Just so you
know, this is the real run up to the first show on the
30th. I have not written for a few weeks because I have
been working on the new ending to the play. I have also
been letting people know about the big night. To run along
side all of this, I have been in London filming an advert
at Shepperton Studios which is owned by Gladiator director
Riddle Scott and his younger brother. A friend of mine and
I were put up in a very nice hotel. It was a great
experience. We went down on the train on 23rd of May and
came back to fine old Manchester on Thursday 24th. I had
never done so much in so little time. Doing this type of
work is certainly not easy. I wore make-up. The funny thing
was I kept needing to be touched up by the make up artist
because you could say my waters broke! Getting back to
the “Role Model” I am having a meeting with the director on
Tuesday 29th May. I am hoping to get rid of all parts of
Peter speak so the script is readable to all you English
speaking humans. You see I can’t spell so writing a script
is harder then a six-week-old cheese sandwich. It should
not be long now till I find out who will be acting in the
reading. If you think you and a friend could take part in
the Fanta best mates challenge check the Fanta website on to see if they are auditioning near
you. My own ad, if chosen will be going out in June/July
2001. I am the one looking and sounding like a girl!

I don’t think I will ever be ready for this. I think
however that it’s me here and my play is going to be seen.
All I ask is that it helps at least one person. I for one
will be happy. I don’t know now what will happen in the
weeks and years after the play. I do hope that people will
enjoy it. That once again is all I need. I would say that
the hardest thing about being a so-called writer is going
back on something that was not easy to make in the first
place, but you must do it because nobody else thinks the
way you do. I have been able to write poems over the same
period. I have even had a go at a book called “Hard Back
Feelings”. Last but by no means least I would like to think
auntie Tracy for going to London with me