2002-04-20 17:05:30 (UTC)

Long Time

I know it's been a long time since I have last written, but
life has been busy. I've been down lately, but I'm slowly
coming back. Everyone left for the weekend, so I get the
whole house to myself which makes me happy. It's nice not
having the tension of Kristy and Erin and the whining of
Heather. Dawn and I get along very well. The first time I
met Dawn I thought that she didn't like me. However now,
she's one of my best friends.
A lot has been going on. I went to my senior gala with
Tony, he's now dating Jess who I'm friends with, but that
relationship is just weird. However, I'm being the good
friend and I'm happy for Tony because he is happy. We had
such a great time at the gala, we danced and got to spend
some quality time together. It's getting closer to
graduation time, so I'm grateful for spending time with
friends that I don't see often.
I'm feeling a little lonely lately. I feel like I need to
have a boyfriend, but I'm happy without one on a regular
basis, it's just every once in a while that I get like
this. I wonder what my problem is with guys. I can be
friends with them, however, when it comes to being more, I
either have really bad timing, or the feeling isn't
mutual. I'm not one to go out to a bar to find a guy for a
one night stand. I'm looking for someone to settle down
with and I just don't know how to find that guy.
Graduation's coming soon. I don't know what I'm doing next
year as far as teaching because my certification is up in
the air. Apparently I'm not connecting what I know to the
lesson plans and it's not looking good for certification.
We came upon something that seems to be working very well.
Having my co-op prompt me if I run into trouble. I feel
inadequate though and unsure. I don't want to tell my
parents because I'm scared. It might actually look like I
won't be able to teach and I'll be working at the golf club
for the rest of my life.