crackheads thoughts
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2002-04-20 15:58:11 (UTC)

hi people

its been a long time since i have been on here. but anyway
i really dont gots nuttin 2 tell so i dont even know y im
on here. ooh yeah i do gots something 2 say,thanks 2 mr.
gibson (and me) i now have aec, but its ok i dont care. all
ya do is sit in there and like talk and sleep and a paper
if ur not asleep so there is nuttin 2 worry bout. my mom
kinda had a little cow but not like i thought she would
have but its ok. oooh yeah i might wanna hide b/c if my dad
sees it then u know he might scream at me a lil more,but
then again my brother would just laugh and give me a high- if he gave them. and then wensday i get my perm
so thats gonna be kool i just hope that people that think
that im doing this just 2 get back at jenny or brandon,
cause im not curly hair is ROCKS.... GO NICKI
(THERE'S UR WORD or one of them). well i gots 2 go ill talk
2 ya people l8er bu-bye

crachel 142