Steva's Life
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2002-04-20 15:49:43 (UTC)


I don't know why it is that i worry. I worry so much.
Like my friend is coming to the city for a visit becuase
he has a final's week and its Quiet week before them for
studying and he wants to come to the city so i was like
great, we planed for him coming thursday evening. Great,
then we changed it to wed. evening becuase the last flight
that leaves is 6:15. So he's gonna get out of class early
that or skip it witch i'm first of all worrying about him
making it to his flight and second of all miss in the
flight and third of all Skipping the class.. I know that
i really shouldn't worry as much the worst that will
happen is he'll miss it and come the next day, or the
best is that he'll make it and come.

Another thing, Mom and i are going to the theater to see a
show wed. night witch i remembered following the making of
plans for jeff and i. So what's gonna happen if he makes
it to the city is he'll get in around 8:30 9:00 to the air
port and then he'll grab the train and come in witch
should take about an hour or so... i don't knwo what the
change is. I'll have to look.. then the waits for the
other trains so we might just be able to make it to the
apt. the show is about 2 and 1/2 hours long so who know's.

Another thing. My friends b-day is in may jeff's is to
but my other friend she wants me there and then another
friend's gig is the 7th so i'm freeking out beacuse they
all want me to stay till then and then go back to NH. So
i'm freeking out about that. I don't know what to do. I
am supposed to go up and do work for mom so i can earn
money from her so i can use it in NY when i move down with
jeff witch i still can work for her, but i want to get it
going so i can earn more. so i'm stuck in that position?
What should i do.

Then Comes the thoughts of Loseing touch with all my
friends weather they be in NY or NH, Like i finally got
in touch and started hanging out with a friend of mine who
i knew from jeff's school and i really enjoy her so then i
get the thought that i'm never going to hear from her over
the summer and its sad because i really enjoy her. I want
to try to keep in touch but as she said " I'm really bad
about keeping in touch with people" As Am i, so its going
to be hard.

Then there's jeff witch i know i'll have to keep in touch
with him as will he have to keep in touch with me because
we have to get the moving of everything on the road.

Then there are my friends in NY and NJ and stuff, Witch i
know that i will probly talk to them online but that's
just not enough....

I just can't wait to just live in NY because i don't have
to deal with the Whole NH thing and traviling up there and
staying there and loseing touch with the friends that i
really enjoy, i mean i know that i will go visit and all
but its just not the place for me i need the action of the
City and the people and the theater

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