*-:-*LiL' Kate*-:-*
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2000-12-21 19:49:16 (UTC)

-:-DeCeMbEr 21-:- Dear Diary,..

-:-DeCeMbEr 21-:-
Dear Diary,
Look...4 more days until Christmas!!!...Also four more days
closer until they put the house up 4 sale :o( But i dont
know how long it will take to sell, we still have ALOT of
work to do. We gotta paint my room because its practically
wall*papered with Nsync posters and the putty that i used
to put them up there has torn some of the original paint
off. And we gotta CLEAN UP BADLY! Our house is awful
looking! Actually not that bad but we need to clean the
carpets *n* stuff like that!
*n~E~wAyZ* Im bored as CrAP! I did my hair w/ a
three*barrell*curling iron today...hehe all because i was
bored! and i think it looks pretty darn cute:o) But i aint
got no one to show it off to or anywhere to go...i was
gonna show it off to Jaimee but she aint home!!!

*Ok*Here we go again*...

I was sittin here thinking bout...none other than
Jason....and im really not mad at him. I really dont have a
reason to be though, so i guess that makes sense. But the
night that me *n* Jay talked((thats his best friend by the
way)) i thought that i would never be able to see him as
the same person again. But from hearing his story i almost
trust him...he seems so innocent. BUT I KNOW HES NOT! its
just so weird! I wish i could figure out who to believe
about all that...i need to talk to Deanna ((the
girlfriend)) because whoever she went w/ ((or which story i
should say)) is prolly true! I have a really good picture
of me *n* her!...ok i have no idea why i just said that!
hehe but i did! But anyways so i almost believe Jason...but
I believe Jay too...I dunno im Torn. I wish God would send
a sign about who to believe! GeEeEeEeEeZ!!!!!
Ohh Hey remember i told you about Brad? Well him *n* Lis
are going out! YaY!!! hehe Its AbOuT TiMe...HeHe Jk LiS!!!
*Hey LiL jEsS :o)* WeLL i guess im gonna go clean!...ohh
yea by the way im getting better! hehe YaY!

*Love Always*
-:-LiL KatE-:-