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2001-05-28 19:33:45 (UTC)

Good Day

Today was a good day,still haven't heard a word from
hubby,god only knows if he is alright,i am tired of my life
revolving around what he is going to decided with his mid
life crisis,i know i did nothing wrong nor did the
kids...we love and miss him but this is his chioce and he
has to live with the outcome,,,,It started out beautiful
but then the skys opened,and it is still raing,we need it
though.It was a good day off back to work tomorrow.Prayer
what a wonder it does your soul so good....I got the kids a
parekeet yesterday and we doscovered that on the back of
its head there is a shape of a heart.Shows us the love we
have in this house of ours and it tells me everything is
going to be ok,no matter what the outcome...Well time for
dinner and thank god for a good day....hopefully a sign of
things to come...:)