2002-04-20 11:32:04 (UTC)

nothing much

I don't remember what has happened sine i last wrote. Im
at the radio station right now again doing my show. It's
7.30 am. Im kinda tired. Im working alot this weekend.
but its sok b.c ill get lots of money. Anyway I got letters from My
friend in New Jersey. I met her like 2 summers ago. She was really
amazing. Last summer we had our sumemr fling which was really nice.
Its great to have someone to like you. I wish that she could be here
with me. We're not dating or anything. WE have a friend
relationship. Later if it turns into something more, Then it'll be
good =) I really think i could marry her. But I don't really want
to get married till like im 27 or so. Sometimes i don't think i
could still like her like i do. I'll see someother girl and ill like
her for a week but i wont do anything about it. Everytime i talk
with kara my jersey girl i wish that we could be together. I think
about her alot. but whatever the fact. I just had her on my mind
adn thought i would write abuot her. Have a good day