It's ok to be crazy
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2002-04-20 09:18:29 (UTC)

life as a house

tonight i saw the movie, life as a house. and after seeing
this movie i had an idea or rather a realization about
myself. for those of you who have seen the movie you will
know what i am talking about and those of you who haven't
should, it's a good movie.
any who my realization is this. perhaps my problems stem
from not being hugged. you see...my family just doesn't hug
we don't say i love you or any of that affectionate
stuff.when i first realized that we were abnormal it made
me really sad. i saw all my friends getting all that
affection from their parents.i have always craved that
attention but i have never recieved it and i have always
been too afraid to act upon it myself.
the thought of hugging my mom scares me. i wouldn't know
what to do if she came at me with her arms open wide.
thinking about it now makes me nervouse.
God i am so wierd. why can't i just be normal? why can't i
tell my mom that i love her or even give her a hug? why
can't my mom do that for me?