listen to my silences
2002-04-20 06:43:42 (UTC)

what right to freedom?

they took away my keys. no driving at all. period.
anymore. for a long time. yeah, i understand that it's a
safety hazard but for them to physically take away my keys
and then take my car...

but whatever, i'll deal right? i mean, i always do.

tomorrow i can't go to jon's soccer game cause i have to do
my homework and file stuff online for u of l [woohoo i got
accepted :)] and call for flowers and a whole bunch of
other stuff so i'm sorry baby. i know i said i would go
and i feel really bad because i can't and there's no excuse
for me saying one thing and doing another and i know you
said it was ok but i'm sorry. and that was a really long
sentence. sorry again, random thought.

anyways...bro if you ever read this anymore give me a call

lalalalala *drums fingers on keyboard*

i'm at kelly's right now. yay!!! we just got back from
glow bowling and i played horribly but it's all good.
mirror mailbox love stories lol. road cones? what huh?
no, never. well, there was this one time...maybe...but she
put it back. lol. ahh...good times. anyways so i'm
staying here tonight and i'm really relaxed cause i'm not
home. i've missed being over here lots.

ok, well i'm out cause i have to go to bed. not that i'll
sleep deeply but some sort of sleep is better than none,
right? right...k anyways. later all.

final thought: if we have nothing to fear but fear itself,
does that mean we have everything to fear?