bRuIsEd VioleT
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2002-04-20 06:15:41 (UTC)

2 am

yeah. so....

went to pgh today, very nice outside, brian got the misfits boox set/ unseen and i got defiance/ button and we ate dinner at the same burrito place we've been going to for almost 6 years now... so we met some punks and some girl said i was cute and gave me her adress to come a party. free drinks and food, maybe some gute girls??? :) went to a show, corpus christ cancelled, it sucked, brian got in a fight with a drunk girl, but i was just ignoring her cuz i knew she was drunk, besides, she thoght i was really hot so its hard to be mad at someone who likes me....and i know drunk people could be assholes. we saw dave at slacker, talked to him a while, went home and called jknee and watched conan.
nyc a week from today, got a new cd player in the car, listen to the misfits 24/7.....tessa is in l.a......for a month...ame thinks im too busy for her, i dont mean it personally, but i do get busy fast, i try to be with everyone at once, i work and then have aimme/jknee/laura/my mom and ame that want to be with me weekly, plus im married and have 2 cats so its like i have to try to please everyone.....i like being busy and hectic thogh, it keeps me entertained, im never ever bored cuz i dont give my self time to be.. but thats how i like it...
96 lbs still... not bad, feel like my legs are big still though. distorted body image rules!!!!! kick fucking ass!!! go anorexia!!! this is all sacasm by the way.....diet dr. pepper and corn on the cob with fake butter spary rules.. i could live off that if i had too.. add some multi viatmens, chromiunm picolate , prozac and cigarettes and im good to go......play some misfits and find a good porn, what else do u need? a new tattoo....

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