2002-04-20 06:10:05 (UTC)

Damnit i cant think of anything to say...ooh well..ill just say whats on my mind i guess.

he tried it again...

remember how i told you i think my stepdad would kill me if
he could? well..

last night, i was really, REALLY pissed off...so i decided
to go for a walk..

when i got back, i went to my room to watch some tv or a
dvd or watever... so i was walkin up the stairs..u know
kinda relaxed, after having that walk.
so anyway, i was goin up the stairs, an i thaught i saw
somebody up the top of the stairs...i thaught i musta ben
mistaken, so i kept walking up the stairs.

when i got up the top of the stairs..he came out and pushed
me down the stairs.

i managed to kind of tumble over and land..but i still
fractured my arm.

i have money in the bank..about 200 thousand dollars..i
have never told anybody that, but im writing it in this
diary, to kind of let it out.

if i happen to die, it goes to my next of kin...that been
my mom. if she dies..then my sis would get it..if she died,
it would go to him.
i know this sounds crazy but he has tried it 1nce, he will
try it again...
ooh well, thats all i have to write...have a good 1 people..