Visions Of Life
2002-04-20 05:39:22 (UTC)


Im am finally not depressed and not really stressed. Ever
since my surgery, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted
off on me. As soon as I have a job and the rent is paid, I
will be one happy camper. I already amd quite happy tho.
And my boyfriend makes me so happy and has been so sweet
lately and was taking care of me after my surgery. Im not
as worried about money. It will be tight but rent and stuff
will be paid on time. And soon I will have a job, perhaps
two.. Then I can start paying back my mom and actually
have money to save up. And I need new insurance so I can
finally see a shrink and get my head fixed.. lol.. And i
promiced my boyfriend if they wanted me on meds Id take
them.. That doesnt make me happy tho cuz I do not like
meds.. Grrrrr... But Id do anything for him and this is
actually a very important and serious matter... for many

Work is nonexistant. Life is good. I am quite happy but
very very very horny and cant have sex for another week..