My Life.............
2002-04-20 05:02:17 (UTC)


its been 2 days since ive talked to Bobby, i miss him so
much, i saw his truck at the bar today, he didnt even come
out to talk to me, i guess T.J was right, if i push to hard
about the drinking i would lose him, but, i also had Bill
telling me to keep at him about the drinking, i guess the
things Bobby had said to me were lies.:( I wanted so much to
be with him again, some things arent meant to be i
my cell phone is missing, i left it up at my sisters house
because she was playing games on it, and she sat it down and
it disapeared, i dont know if someone took it or if its up
at her house, in tonights paper there was a cell phone
found, so, i called the police to see if it was mine, there
was no one there so, i left my name and my phone number,
god, i hope its mine, i dont know what else to do.:(