*~*My Diary*~*
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2002-04-20 04:57:49 (UTC)

FrIdAy NIGHT!! ahhh boring

Its friday night and yet again i am grounded...this
sucks...tommarrow is 4-20 and i'm grounded. I'm gonna miss
some awsome parties...AHHH i'm sooo mad at myself right
now. I think i'm gonna go shopping on sunday after church
and get some new clothes. I need to start dressing like i
did today everyday kuz people liked my outfit and i was
happy:] It was really cold today!! and my house feels like
antartica. I still owe my mom $30 for diversion...thats all
thats left, i'm hoping to pay that off this weekend. I AM
SO FUCKING BORED!!!!!! and now i'm sad kuz i'm listening to
sad music and i wish jessica was still here!! she's coming
back in june and i'm excited!! Ok right now...it SUX bein
single. I liked it at the beginning of the year when i
didn't know anybody and i just wanted to get to know
everyone but now its getting OLD!!! and right now...i like
one person...and theres a few that i just think r hot N
nice that i don't really know. When i get ungrounded i am
gonna make sure that i don't have a boring night that
weekend!!! LOL i'm gettin tired and bein stupid again so i
better get going. *ME*