why me....
2001-05-28 17:13:03 (UTC)

I never knew....

Last night had to be a really great night one of the best
I've have in a LONNNNGGGG LONNNNGGGG time! I was online
till 3:00 talkin to a girl in 2 of my classes... and were
just talkin about anything and everything.. omg she's
totally great and she's popular and everything and to be
honest I never thouhgt she tell me some of the stuff she
did.. and I let her read my paper on Carson...... and she
gave me GREAT advice.... I mean like everyone has told me
to send it to him but she's the only one who EVERY gave me
a real reason... I was soo touched it was GREAT! and omg I
think I'm going to send the letter to Carson... and she was
all like tellin me what to do about my SS class.. but I'm
still kinda scared to go back to that class... I mean I
don't know what to do.. I really think I should talk to my
teacher but I know if I do I'm gonna cry and I don't want
to do that.. but I mean it's like there's a gazillion
things going on right now and it basically comes down to I
need help dealing with them.. I can't do it alone... but my
problem is I'm not willing to open up and let people inside
of me.. I mean I'm the youngest in my family so my two
sisters always tell me stuff *cuz I actually listen* but I
mean there's times when I just want to be like I don't feel
like hearing it LEAVE ME ALONE!!! but I can't do that to
my sisters.. back to the whole SS thing... I mean I'm
totally stumped on what to do.. and besides we have to do
our debates on Tues.. and I don't even want to go to that
class?? I don't know what to do... well that's it peace I'm