A Lost Child
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2002-04-20 03:49:49 (UTC)

Lost In The Dark

A child lost within the darkness
Not knowing where to turn
Betrayal not a mystery
For it's the only way he earns

No light to end his tunnel
And show just where it flows
Raped by his emotions
Hatred begins to grow

He won't give in
His pride is too strong
He hides his heart
And he knows it's wrong

Love to him
Is another lie
A mere glance in his eyes
And you're sure to cry

Alone and frightened
Unsure of his true fate
Always pushed away and now
Ruled by his own hate

"Why go on?" he asks
As he cries from deep inside
And he wonders who would notice
If he were to die

What's the point, the master plan
To all is misery
His heart is pure, his love is true
Yet he forever bleeds

An endless night surrounds him
He can no longer see
Unsure of where to run to
But this child...he is me

My past is all too clear now
My future I cannot see
Lost in total darkness
Forever I shall be

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