can't fight the moonlight...
2002-04-20 03:49:03 (UTC)

where to start...?

Hm, what should I bitch about first? Actually I only have
one thing to bitch about. Corrine.
She's been saying some shit about me, which I'm so not cool
with. Lets see, I don't treat Sardou right, I "look down on
her because shes a techy", blahblahblah. She can kiss my
goddamned ass! Ok, she doesn't know how I treat Sardou, and
who is she to judge? Besides, at least I treat my FRIENDS
right. She was sitting there giving Sardou a fucking back
massage at Drama last night, practicly stradling the boy!
Whats that shit? And, how does she get that I "look down"
on her? I mean, that blows my mind, because I don't.
Besides which, shes currently getting fucking high and
drunk and hooking up with Kevin every weekend and plus
some. The problem is, is that I can't go and cuss her out
because Ryss repeated what she said, and I don't want to
make Corrine pissy at Maryssa. Thank god we're on April
vacation, because it is absolutley amazing how much I DON'T
want to see her face right now. I can't even pretend to
like her right now.

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