Mysterious Attitude
2002-04-20 03:40:59 (UTC)

My thoughts pt. 4

*Time: 10:32 p.m.
*Date: 4-19-02
*Wearing: blue dickes pants,blue t-shirt, white socks, and
princess hoodie
*Hair: down messed up I just took it down
*Listenin to : Diamonds and Pearls- Prince
*Song of the day : Thunder-Prince
*Weather: rainy,cold, thunder, and lighting
*Mood: creative
*Thinking: I want Justin here with me right now

I love thunder storms! They get my creative juices
flowing. They make my mind open to think about things that
are going on during that point in my life. The only thing I
find myself reminiscing about is Justin. I was outside a
few minutes ago, just watching the rain fall and listening
to the sounds of trains,thunder, and everything else. But I
kept remembering times me and Justin have spent together. I
soon realized that I was crying and wishing that Justin was
here with me. I won't ever love anyone like I love him,
he's my one and only. If I can't be with him, I don't want
to be with anyone. But deep down inside my heart I know that I can't
be with him. If I was I would have to hide everything, and honestly I
don't think I could do that. I wish I could tell the whole world
about how I feel about him, how I wish he was mine. Honestly, I've
always said I would never marry anyone, but I can see myself marrying
Justin. That night me and him almost made love, I kept thinking; what
if I get pregnant, another thing I don't ever want to do. As I think
about it, I would love to have Justin's baby. It would make us more
closer to one another.