A Lost Child
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2002-04-20 03:36:30 (UTC)

All Hallows Eve (Apocolyptica part II)

The eyes of death shone brightly across the misty sky
The gates of Hell slowly opened, as the dead rose up from
their graves
All that was good became evil, and day turned into night
This was the day of redemption, when we all became His

Millions of people ran screaming for their synthetic lives
Along the path that they'd chosen men were found hanging
Each nailed to a makeshift crucifix and glowing in the
black fire
Their master now grows stronger, as Pandemonium rises

The end of life as we know it, is now within the hour
Seance and sacrifice spark throughout the masses
As pure evil attacks the scum of the earth, you shall give
into it's power
While the flames grow higher berying you in the ashes

Enter the realm of destruction
Feel the satisfaction of pain
Prepare to suffer down in Hell for mellenia to come
Life of death awaits you all, accept it while you can

Satanic scripture carved all around
As the Dark Lord now awakens
Screams break through the silenced crowd
Here there is no end...

A few tortured soul are spared
Sent back to Earth for one simple reason
To try and save mankind

This isn't the first time it's happened
Nor shall it be the last
It happens but once every 5,000 years
Always on the same night

These two wretched souls are not unscathed
Now forced to conceive Satan's heir
Or destroy the human race
Now scarred with terrible purpose they make a dark choice

Our evil empire has grown unoticed this very way
We shall succeed and rule all someday...

All Hallows Eve: the night of the damned
When the undead shall arise from their graves
And every last man will decide
Become one of us or be cruely slain

We've suffered for mellenia
The stories all were true

We tried, and lied, and cried, and fried
About reality
While He sat alone, upon His throne
Laughing constantly

We're not created as equals, but as competitors
His entertainment's watching us all kill each other
Our problems your god has never solved
And he never will
We're left to die here all alone
In this atrocity

Help has never come to us
And so it never shall
Left to watch each other die
And long to rot in Hell

Malebolgia approaches the masses
"Get down to your knees"
And through their futile screams
The accept their chosen fate
For all eternity

All Hallows Eve: night of the damned
All Hallows Eve: rise from their graves
All Hallows Eve: the last man decides
All Hallows Eve: the fate of mankind