Blue Castle reverie

My Saga
2002-04-20 02:52:36 (UTC)

We finally finished our Lit..

We finally finished our Lit project today... I don't think
I've said anything about it, beacuse it's kept me too busy
to write. Tori, Lauren, Kim and I did our project on "The
Rapture of Canaan", and presented it today. I didn't think
it went very well, but everyone said we did well. I'll
have to vent more about how I can't stand group projects
(I "don't play nicely with the other children")

Prom is really getting stressful. Now I'm beginning to
remember why I haven't gone to a dance since freshman
homecoming. Everyone's getting pissed at everyone, there
are all these nit-picky little details that are getting
fucked up... it's just a mess. Anyways, I still have to
find jewelry, makeup and underwear. I have to get up kinda
early tomorrow, cuz I'm going with Mel to get hair done.

I'm going to try to go to bed now... I've been having a lot
of trouble sleeping lately, even though I'm absolutely
exhausted... so I chugged some of my old cough medicine,
which does absolutely nothing for coughing, but it knocks
you out. My eyes hurt so much from the pollen, and from
not being able to sleep, and somehow I doubt taht the
boolshot look is all the rage this year.