Mysterious Attitude
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2002-04-19 23:46:33 (UTC)


Well, the Thursday after Easter; me, gram, and Jr went to
Minnesota. The same old roads, the same old hotel room, the
same old prison, the same old 14 hours, etc etc. Everytime
we go down there it gets more and more boring for me. I
also seem to discover a cd I have that I haven't listened
to that totally kicks ass. This time I found Joe's cd "My
Name is Joe." I luv his cd!! He has sum sexual songs and a
very hott voice!! I listened to his songs and thought about
My baby boo Justin :)
I saw uncle Lee which was cool. We played Jenga, talked,
and played cards. It was nice to see him after 2 years :)
Ok, I guess thats all lol buh bye